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you go to lehigh right? Im just wondering whats the best way to avoid getting cited because I've talked to some people here and that seems to be a common thing. I want to be able to party and drink without worrying about getting in trouble with the university. thanks in advance for the help!

Uhhh good luck. It’s kind of a crap shoot as to whether you will or won’t.

I got cited in a house I had been in for all of 10 minutes - we stopped to say hi to a friend of a friend, I used the bathroom, and when I came out the cops were at both doors. I blew a .07. Unbeknownst to us, someone had been peeing off the roof and throwing plates into the park across the street.

I have another friend who got cited as a passenger in a car. She blew a .04. The driver hadn’t been drinking, but the girl in the passenger seat admitted to having a beer and so the cops pulled them all out.


General advice to avoid getting cited - when the cops show up to an off-campus house (I’ve never heard of anyone getting cited on campus unless EMS has to get involved), listen to the people who own the house. If they tell you go out the back, go out the back. If they tell you to stay put, stay put.

Don’t be a shithead. If there’s a person at the front door talking to a cop outside, don’t be yelling or otherwise acting like you’re drunk.

When the cops show up, ALWAYS throw your drink out. You can get a new one later, I promise.

Don’t get super fucked up even though that’s fun, it makes it harder to deal with the police and increases your chances of getting cited.

When walking from party to party, always buddy system and try really hard not to look drunk. NEVER open carry.

The only way to be 100% certain you won’t get cited is to not drink or do drugs. You could read every single bit of advice out there and be super careful…and then one night you have two beers, stop at a friend’s house to pee, and get cited.


Good luck and have fun! Maybe I’ll see you around.

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